Friday, September 16, 2016

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here (once again)
                                      leaving the gold
                                                                                     If Not, Winter. Fragments of Sappho. Anne Carson

This new body of work is available exclusively to my online store:

Each ring can be made to order with metal and stones of choice. 

This new body of work has its origins in research concerning the Nine Muses.

The Nine Muses were thought of as the source of knowledge embodied in poetry, lyric songs and myths that were passed on orally for centuries in ancient cultures. 

Like lyric songs, jewellery carries intimate stories of families, births, deaths, renewals and celebrations. In this light, jewellery is more than a precious material object; it operates as a charm weaving personal myths of origin that is then carried forth on the body.
These rings celebrate the connection of the sacred and the everyday. Small, simple connected stories.