Saturday, December 13, 2008


After eight days in Paris, I met two friends in Portugal. Paris was the art part of my trip and Portugal was the eating and drinking part. Pictured is an amazing store in Lisbon, Conserveira de Lisboa, that sells tinned seafood: sardines, tuna, octopus and bacalhau. The tins are all hand wrapped in paper, and then displayed in stacks according to their ingredients. I thought that this was a really beautiful store, my photos do not do it justice. One way of discovering a place is by seeing the art/ galleries of a country. Another way, and equally as important, is to experience the local food. This store helped me understand Lisbon better. Every morning we would start the day with a coffee and pastry at a local cafe, here is one of them. The last image was taken at Cafe Pasteis de Belem, the home of Portuguese tarts, and I have to say they were the best custard tarts I have eaten.