Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pledge Ring

In 2004, I designed this ring for my gold range at e.g.etal. When I started this process I looked at the engagement ring market and wondered how I would fit into it. Eight years at RMIT had informed my concept of what jewellery is, and I felt that it was important to carry that with me on my journey into the commercial market. The beauty of jewellery is that it is an artefact used to mark/commemorate important events. Often big events ask for big gestures. I like to think that big events can also be honoured with small gestures, that are still large in their intent. Things that are believed in become precious through this sentiment. My 'Pledge' ring is about this. The first ring that I made had a tiny diamond in it, only 1.5mm round, but it was the best quality that I could get for that size. So I chose to buy stones that I loved for their colour, or cut rather than just because it was expensive. Perhaps not the most sensible market decision, but one that I have followed all the same. Sometimes with this ring the stone almost fills the top. Other times, it is grain set, or just simply set straight in the middle. You can see this ring at e.g.etal, Flinders Lane store.