Thursday, March 5, 2009

some more favourite things

Some more favourite things from the Lourve in Paris taken last year. I love museums. I like to wander without a plan and only stop at what interests me. I also like going back to the same place on a different day and seeing what stops me in my tracks, it is especially nice if it is the same thing but sometimes it is not. When I was in Paris, I brought a museum pass that allowed me unlimited access to a list of museums, for 6 days. I think that I went to the Lourve 5 times. I realised that it is best to go to the Lourve with a plan, but because of my museum visiting habits, I found that in the Lourve I always got lost, and invariably ended up in the Egyptian area. If I wanted to see paintings by Watteau, I ended up seeing bronze vessels. Looking for Rembrandt, found bronze vessels. Looking for the toilet, I ended up looking at bronze figurines. One good thing about this was that the areas I found myself were pretty much empty, and I found that I saw things more quietly than in the busy lines to see the Mona Lisa. There is much to be learnt from looking at bronze figurines.