Monday, April 20, 2009

black, part 2 ( Chatelaine House)

The body of work I produced for my Master of Arts was predominantly black. This was for a number of reasons. The Black series was exploring an era - Nineteenth century,the Victorian era. I was also looking at how choice of material as well as colour can create a narrative. I have already put a number of these images on this blog, but thought I would put the rest of the collection up as well. The first three images are by Terence Bogue. The rest of the images I took last year when I exhibited this work with the Distant Elegies painting series at Upstairs Flinders. This house is called Chatelaine House, trailing out of the house are a ' facial nerves' made from lines of beads. The nerves depicted are those that affect sight, smell, hearing and taste.

Some images of the installation at Upstairs Flinders.