Saturday, April 18, 2009


black adj. 1. without brightness or colour; absorbing all or nearly all the rays emitted by a light source. 2. wearing black or dark clothing, armour, etc.3. pertaining or belonging to an ethnic group characterised by dark skin pigmentation. 4. soiled or stained with dirt. 5. characterised by absence of light; involved or enveloped in darkness...

There are 27 definitions of black in The Macquarie Dictionary

In January this year, I attended a workshop at RMIT, run by the German jeweller Bettina Speckner. It was called Black and Night. I went hoping to make a black brooch. In the five day workshop I did not make one piece of jewellery. In the last couple of years I have focused on making jewellery to sell. I have not focused on making 'art jewellery' for a very long time and I miss that luxury. Now, I suppose I put that energy into other areas. so I went into the workshop hoping to make a piece that explored a concept. For each day of the workshop there was a different title:
Black and Black
Blackness and Drama
Shut your eyes and see
I do not know yet what I got out of the workshop, but I met a lot a wonderful people.

Here are some of my explorations: