Monday, April 13, 2009

Gemboree 2009

My sister lives on a sheep farm outside Stawell in Victoria. When I can, I go up and visit her and her family. I really love it up here. This is Rick the dog rounding up sheep. I am impressed with Rick as he is an old dog (I think about 12) but he ran faster than any dog I have seen.

(A little fairy that lives on the farm)

My Easter visit coincided with the Gemboree, a national gem and mineral fair that was on in Horsham, so we all went on Saturday. There were displays of gemstones, minerals, fossils, beads, lapidary equipment, as well as talks and demonstrations. There was so much to see, I was sorry that I could not spend more time there.

This was my favourite stall, run by an elderly couple. All the boxes housing the stones were hand made, and the nameplates were handwritten. It reminded me of visiting the Museum in Melbourne when I was a little girl (when the Museum was at the State Library site) and standing on tiptoes to see all the specimens in glass cases.
Going to the Gemboree reminded me of my own beginnings as a maker and why I like the things that I do. How a hobby turns into a lifetime of exploration and interest. And sometimes, by travelling you can go to where there is a concentration of interest, and once you are there, you can learn more as well as clarify what you already know.