Sunday, June 28, 2009

collection, collections

collection n.1. the act of collecting. 2. the clearing of letter-boxes by a paid official. 3. that which is collected; a set of objects, specimens, writings, etc., gathered together...

This box was my Great Aunts, and it was used to display precious ornaments. It now holds things that I have collected and also made. It changes a lot.
I am very interested in 'collections'. When I start a new body of work, I collect materials, and text, before I even begin drawing, and this activity informs what I end up doing.

the cloth ball on the right is by Ilka White

To collect is to launch individual desire across the intertext of environment and history. Every acquisition, whether crucial or trivial, marks an unrepeatable conjuncture of subject, found object, place and moment. In it's sequential evolution, the collection encodes an intimate narrative, tracing what Proust calls "le fil des heures, l'ordre des annees et des mondes"( the thread of the hours, the order of years and of worlds) The continuous thread through which selfhood is sewn into the unfolding fabric of a lifetime's experience.

Roger Cardinal The Cultures of Collecting