Tuesday, June 16, 2009

international girl aerogrammes

A dear friend of mine has started a business with two other people. I like everything about it. international girl aerogrammes is a business that sells aerogrammes. But it is much more than that. It celebrates the written word and 'slow' communication in a world that is getting busier and faster.

What is important about this business is best outlined by international girl:

how international girl aerogrammes are different
- to remind us of the world’s many cultures, each design features text in English and another language – from Mandarin to Kanji, Arabic to Cyrillic.
- printed on 100% recycled paper
- postage not included so you can send them nationally, internationally or just pop one under a door or slip it under a pillow.
- each aerogramme is a little piece of art taking your message direct to those you love.

why aerogrammes
- we never receive real letters anymore – just bills
- receiving a letter handwritten especially for you is meaningful, personal and fast dying out. However, writing an international girl aerogramme is easy because the letter and envelope are all-in-one and you don’t have to write too much
- international girl aerogrammes are light and cheap to send
- there’s so much communication technology everywhere, but we feel more alone and fragmented than ever. A message sent on an international girl aerogramme, in contrast, is one to keep and treasure, not just read and delete – an aerogramme really does connect people and helps to stamp out loneliness.
- they’re fun to fold – part writing/part origami
- they’re not just aerogrammes – they can also be used as unique gift cards, or to write thank you notes or invitations

slow arts
- international girl aerogrammes supports the slow arts.
- we believe happiness and kindness grow through slowing down and taking time and that efforts to embrace this way of life – such as letter writing - are part of the slow arts.

You can purchase them directly from the website here

(first two photos taken by me)