Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wisdom of Worldly Women Project, part 3

Once the individual panels were finished I cut long lengths of calico, and pinned the embroideries on to this.
The women then collectively sewed the panels on to the calico.
A second thin calico strip was prepared. Onto this, the words of a song that the women often sang as they worked, was drawn in pencil, then was embroidered in a pale blue thread.

Unfortunately I don't have good photos of the finished piece. It was hard to photograph the Narrative panel as it was very long.
The work was exhibited at the Hume Global Learning Centre.
I was helped with the installation of the work by Polly Bastow, and the table used for the Narrative panel was made and installed by Tony Stuart.

“May my story be beautiful and unwind like a long thread…” she recites as she begins her story. A story that stays inexhaustible within its own limits

Trinh T. Minh-Ha