Monday, July 20, 2009


silk, gauze weave, China 1880-1930

1.the pure hue of clear sky;deep azure (between green and violet in the spectrum).2.the blue,a.the sky. b. the sea. c.the unknown;the dim distance;nowhere: out of the blue 3.Also, washing blue. a substance, an indigo, used to whiten clothes in laundering them. 4. a blue thing...

Pattern woven silk, 7th century to 10th century, China

blue is my favourite colour

Glass, coral, turquoise, China

I am working on two new bodies of work, and have been looking at a number of different things for inspiration. I find that objects inspire me as much as paintings; then sometimes words are more visual than images, and that is all I need. I find that it can take me a while to understand something, which is why I start with definitions. Against that I create my own meanings. Blue at times has been the most precious thing, it signifies more than just a colour.

Iran 1180-1220

indigo-dyed cotton, Pakistan, c.1850

Ceramic tombstone,Iran c.1270

silk, cotton, W.& C.Morley, London,c.1860

glass,gold,Mycenaean c.1400BC

cotton, William Morris,1883

silk with stitching,China,late 8th century to 9th century

Bronze, Tibet c1800

Model faience wig for a statue, Egypt c.1350-1250BC

silk, cotton, whalebone, Great Britain c.1862

cotton, Japan 19th century

images from here and here