Thursday, July 30, 2009

I find it hard photographing jewellery.
Light and scale. A lifetime of learning.
On a number of occasions my friend and guru has recommended that I read my camera manual (this has followed after viewing my photos of my jewellery, where it is hard to tell the type of metal because the light is all wrong, and the backgrounds vary from pink to green.) This week I found my camera manual and took it to the guru and she confirmed that my camera has the function that will give me a white background photographing in artificial light. Then she gave the manual back to me. and I was left standing with the manual and camera. Reading manuals does my head in. But I am trying.
The photos in this post were taking on a light box, before I found and read my manual. I thought that a light box would transform everything. But it didn't. I still had to read the manual and find another light source. Even though these photos are not 'right' I still liked them. My problem now is that I think that I need another camera as now that I have set my camera to the right light function and scale function, I don't want to change the settings in case I can't find it again. So I can't take long distant shots. Maybe from now on everything will have to be macro.