Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doris Leadbetter Poetry Cup

In 1996 I was commissioned by Ron Smooker and Pam Davison to make a new cup for the Doris Leadbetter Melbourne Poetry Cup award.
The award is sponsored by Ron Smooker and Pam Davison.

This is the cup that I made.

Sterling silver, yellow gold plate, Australian yellow, green and blue sapphires, wood

The poetry award honours Doris Leadbetter, a Melbourne poet.
At the award night, about 40 poets present a one minute poem, and the winner gets a cash prize and their name on the Cup.

The Cup is 110mm high. I wanted it to be quite small but very precious, as I think words are very precious. Also to reflect this sentiment, I wanted the surface to be intricately detailed and laboured over.
Across the surface of the cup are engravings of decorative motifs as well as a part of a poem by Doris Leadbetter. The motifs are from illuminated manuscripts and Byzantine artifacts. The small dots that you see on the cup are coloured sapphires.

I have put multiple views of the cup, as there is detail covering the whole surface. This was intentional as I hoped that the object ( cup) would be a continual process of discovery for the viewer. And if it could not be touched, the materials that the cup is made from would also evoke a sense of touch and texture ( like reading a manuscript). words are like jewels

Rather than write the winners names on the cup, I decided to make a series of plaques that would hang off the side of the cup. I liked the idea that as time went on the plaque series would grow in length ( like a tale or story) as more names are added. And that this piece could end up being larger than the cup itself.

Doris Leadbetter Melbourne Poetry Cup
Saturday 15 August 2009
St Kilda Bowling Club at 7:00PM