Friday, September 25, 2009


I received this present from my friend Jaki. When I opened it I thought that it was the most beautiful thing that I could think of, the perfect present! It took my breath away and I felt like I was 10 again. A green heart mirror, who would have thought. The funny thing is that Jaki said that she also gave the same thing to another friend and she gave it back to her saying that it wasn't really her thing.





I also got this the other day. I brought something from a chemist, and after I paid, the person looked at me and then pushed this across the counter towards me. I normally don't take these extra things, but then I looked at it and hoped that it was eyeshadow and that it was blue, so I took it. When I got home I opened it and it is a compact mirror/hairbrush. Who would have thought.
I feel like I now have everything that I need in life. The weird thing is that I don't actually brush my hair and that if I used this it would probably get stuck in my hair. I suppose I could pretend that it was a hair clip.