Thursday, September 3, 2009

Walk, Ilka White and Nicky Hepburn

This work is by Ilka White, it has pride of place in my living room. The sterling silver sections are by Nicky Hepburn who often collaborates with Ilka.

Ilka White and Nicky Hepburn are two of eight artists who have work in a beautiful exhibition that is currently on at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick.
I had trouble loading the PDF, which is why I put the work that I have on instead (so this work is not part of the exhibition!).

The exhibition is called Walk.

Walk comprises of:

Artwork by eight artists inspired by the Great South West Walk in Victoria.
In March 2006, eight artists embarked on a three week journey through forest, river, estuary and bay along the Great South West Walk in Victoria.

The other artists involved in the exhibition are: Peter Corbett, Vicki Couzens, Brian Laurence, Jan Learmonth, Carmel Wallace, and John Wolseley.

more details can be see here