Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hadrian Saturn

Today Milly turns 10.

I know her exact birthday because she is a pure breed with papers. Her official name is Hadrian Saturn .
 The family that gave her to me 9 years ago named her Millennium. Milly for short. When I first saw her I thought that she was a funny looking mongrel dog, but she is a Border Terrier. She was given to me because she was naughty and aggressive, and the vet recommended that she be put down (because of the aggressiveness). So that is how I got her. For the first 6 months she was naughty and aggressive, but I loved her the moment I first saw her, so we worked through it together. In the first 6 months she ate through a weatherboard down the side of the house, the phone cord line, the iron cord, the side of a couch, the back of a chair, among other things. Then she calmed down and became the Milly that she is now. The vet said after I had had her for a year that I gave her hope in humans again. I can not imagine the last nine years of my life without her being by my side. I had no idea that I would love her as much as I do. She is such a funny happy dog. In fact, I think that she is the best dog in the world. Or, as my friend Nick has said in the past, the cutest dog in the world.

photo from last year with her winter coat.

Sleeping is one of her specialties.



I have put this picture up before, but it is one of my favourites, my friend Anna buried her in the sand at the beach and said that she happily stayed there for a while. That's my Milly