Sunday, October 4, 2009

Studio Ingot - The Ring exhibition

The Ring

over 100 rings, by forty artists

Opens Friday 2 October 2009

The ring is a symbol universally interpreted as a marker of an emotional or spiritual bond. This simple object has always reflected the wearer and communicated a social context. As a symbol, the ring has always generated mystery, power, magic and desire.

Since its earliest appearance in archaeological finds, the ring has always been a subject of historical reflection. Design and materials have communicated both the artist’s voice and the wearer’s desires. One of the few items worn that is worn daily, a ring serves as both a talisman and reminder.

As a poignant gift the ring communicates: Affection, Love, Betrothal, Commitment, Engagement, Mourning, Celebration, Congratulations, Friendship, Luck or Thank you.

In a contemporary context, rings approach the definition of sculpture. They may please or provoke, sending a powerful communication from the wearer about their personal style or beliefs.

Platinum, white gold , silver, corian, recycled plastic, diamond, ruby, pearl, titanium, yellow gold, green sapphire, black diamond.

(Text and image from Studio Ingot )