Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mexican ex voto retablo


translation of text:

My wife read in a decoration magazine that the Dark style was the new fashion and she painted the bedroom in black and it was horrible, but when she decided to change the furniture for black furniture and to buy curtains and black sheets it was too much. I thank to the Virgin del Rosario because she gave me the courage to scream to my wife that NOT to do this! although I am an obliging and calm man and I want a lot my wife. For luck she understood that I don't like Dark style and now our bedroom is white again.

I received this as a gift from my friend Monika and it made me laugh. I love that this ex voto is about the wall colours, not that his wife is in bed sick or something like that. I think that she looks quite happy in bed with the walls black.


nice pyjamas


looks like my dog Milly


wonder what she thought of the black walls



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