Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Icarus : Invention (Daedalus)


Here are some images of my first piece invention (Daedalus).
I apologize for the quality of my images, these were taken late at night, and I did not get the light right in my camera, so the images look very yellow.
The pendant is sterling silver with enamel paint, beads and cotton material.
I originally intended for this work to be heavily beaded as well as having cotton bags/sails hanging from the form. The more I worked the surface, the simpler my intentions became, the beads and bags started to feel too much, and there for effect more than to enhance the meaning of the piece.
Over most of the surface I have engraved small chain stitch motifs, which for me reference making and hence invention.

On the back of the work I left the joining of the material to the silver quite obvious so it also referenced an exploratory process, where things are worked out as they are made.

(in different light)

invention is about Daedalus, an Athenian, who was a craftsman, artist and inventor. He was also the father of Icarus. He was said to have invented carpentry. Icarus was thought to have been the inventor of sails.