Sunday, April 18, 2010

promise and prosperity

I love making rings.
I hope to one day make the 'perfect' ring, perfect according to my definition of what is perfect.
Sometimes when I think of rings, I think just of circles. Circles with different profiles and colours and textures.

When I make a ring by hand, even using the same materials and processes, each time I make it, the ring will be different. Sometimes I may take off more metal in one section, or I use a different file or grade of emery paper and that affects the end result. Sometimes decoration and colour change the initial form, sometimes a ring is just left as a circle.
Here are three rings that can be worn separately or together. Three different rings. Three different circles.

This ring is called the Promise ring and is made from 18ct white gold.

promise n. 1. a declaration made, as to another person, with respect to the future, giving assurance that one will do, not do, give, not give, etc., something...

This ring is called the Prosperity ring and is made from 18ct yellow gold.

prosperity n., prosperous, flourishing, or thriving condition; good fortune; success.

This ring is called the Perfect ring and is made from 18ct yellow gold.

perfect adj. 1. in a state proper to a thing when completed; having all essential elements, characteristics,etc.; lacking in no respect; complete...

( I acknowledge Vikki Kassioras in the naming of these rings, I was going to call the wide gold ring the attachment ring and she came up with promise and prosperity. Perfect was my own doing.)