Friday, May 21, 2010



In 2003 I was in an exhibition called Sample, put on by e.g.etal.
This is the proposal I put forward for the exhibition.
Looking back now I am a little shocked by it, in that I would probably not do something like this now. But I think that making this 'sample' was very important as it helped clarify the direction that I was going in for my work.
I made a 'sample' of the work that I was making, which was my Masters folio.
The drawings were of pieces that I was making at the time and the text was my actual Masters proposal.
The edges of the pages are lined with calico that has samples of embroidery stitches.

this is the text that I wrote that accompanied this piece:

I have made a sample of my own work.
A 'sample' being a small part of anything becomes for me in this instance, a fragment of a thought process of which I have been exploring for many years.
What I intend to create is found in the images and words contained in the 'sample'.

In the exhibition, e.g.etal printed the first lines of my Masters proposal and put it beside my work:

As a child I used to collect houses. They were very small and could fit in the palm of my hand.
I also had small boxes filled with collections of precious objects, such as shells, buttons, lace, and jewellery.
Treasures of a child.
Locations of  memory.