Wednesday, June 9, 2010

brooches, a ring, a pendant


These works formed part of my exhibition These are the things that hold me here ( a house, a vessel, a shell, a ring) held at Craft Victoria in 2004. I have put a couple of the images on here before, but never as a group. This series of jewellery pieces were conceived as one work. I was looking at a Victorian house, my Great Aunt's house, in Koroit, a regional town in Victoria. This work sat with the series of black houses that I made also exploring this house and place and culture.
All the pieces are made from sterling silver and copper, with enamel paint.

Vestige brooch

Keepsake brooch

Remnant brooch

Ring with longings

Inscription pendant

How do humans form such powerful and mysterious attachments to country? The philosopher Gaston Bachelard believed that all really inhabited space bears the essence of the nature of home, that the human imagination begins to create a recognizable place whenever people find the slightest shelter, walls of impalpable shadows or the illusion of protection.                                          

...The ways in which humans demarcate their space are bound by the rules and customs of the cultures of which they form a part - the way in which they actually and symbolically create landscape within the cultural community probably reflects other organising principles of that society and its world view.

Return to Nothing, the Meaning of Lost Places. Peter Read


some random
moment, in
the middle of this
life, when you
appear to me.

A Tomb for Anatole
Stephane Mallarme

all photos by Terence Bogue