Friday, June 11, 2010

sketchbook part 1

The research I did for my Masters work filled 4 and a half sketchbooks. I spent one year researching, one year making. I still refer to these sketchbooks. The jewellery I recently put on here originated in these sketchbooks.
This is one of the sketchbooks.
I think that pretty much everything that you do in your daily life informs the work that you do. Sometimes I collect images or colours or textures for no apparent reason and stick them in the book I am working in and after a while I start to understand the significance of the selection, or collection. Sometimes I don't, but just like the image or text.

Surely one can acknowledge beauty, even in an enemy. And my home is beautiful. Like a human being, it is beautiful both because of and despite its vulnerabilities.

Margaret Simons, The Age, Sunday Life, April 13 2003

drawing of facial nerves

sketches working out installation of work at Craft Victoria for These are the things that hold me here ( a house, a vessel, a shell, a ring)