Monday, July 5, 2010

pass it on


the lovely Primoeza sent me a blog award! my first of this kind. I have to write 7 things about myself, then pass it on to some other blogs.
Here it goes:

1. I love Australian native gum trees

2. I am on my P plates and have 2 months before I get off them. I drive an old Volvo station wagon and in the last 2 weeks I seem to have lost my ability to reverse park (happened trying to find a park in Fitzroy)

3. Blue is my favourite colour

4. I like single malt whisky, especially Laphroaig

5. one day I would like to live back by the sea

6. my favourite magazine is World of Interiors, then Paris Vogue

7. I hope that when I am old that I am a very good gardener. I also hope to become a twitcher

I pass this to:

Eddy Carroll

Anna Davern

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Louise Jennison