Saturday, August 21, 2010



Next month Vikki Kassioras and I are having an exhibition together.

It is called Black and is part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion week (unfortunately this site does not list me in the title, but I am part of the exhibition!)

Vikki will be making beautiful jewellery pieces

My contribution will be a series of works on paper. This will be the first time I have exhibited works on paper. My drawings/paintings are of jewellery forms.

Below is a description of the exhibition which is found on the blog that Vikki established for the exhibition

Black: An Exhibition showcases contemporary jewellery by Vikki Kassioras and drawings by Katherine Bowman, as they explore the decorative possibilities of the colour black - an iconic aspect of fashion. Vikki Kassioras explores Black through her use of materials, surface patination such as oxidisation and with gems such as onyx and obsidian. Katherine Bowman's explorations are realised through the mediums of drawing and painting. Intricate patterns and decorative details are created in pencil, ink, watercolour and collage.

curated by Katherine Bowman

I will write further on this show, invitation and images to follow

(these images are of our work, not necessarily what will be exhibited)