Sunday, August 22, 2010

from An Exhibition Triptych Yohji Yamamoto   2006

To single out the moment of waking something that was asleep: all creation is a repetition of that moment. A repetition of fragments. I want to achieve anti-fashion through fashion. That's why I'm always heading in my own direction, in parallel to fashion. Because if you're not waking up what's asleep, you might as well stay on the beaten path.

Yohji Yamamoto p.94

Theme 1 : Black

'Noir ombre  finale et silhouette de tout'

Black has several meanings for Yohji.
Black is the colour of shadows.
Black is his widowed mother's colour.
Black is the colour of Bunraku theatre
(in Bunraku puppets are manipulated by men
in black).
Black is a mixture of all colours.
Black is the colour he has chosen to express himself.
All the clothes in this series are black but made out of
different fabrics and cut in different shapes.                                                      . p.83


(photos taken of image by Donata Wenders in An Exhibition Triptych Yohji Yamamoto . p. 6)