Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the magical cycle of days

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on an installation that will go into e.g.etal, to celebrate the festive season.
The brief that I prepared to outline what I would do included the following words:

The intention of the installation is to infuse the gallery with a sense of festival and celebration.
Areas of the store will be adorned with garlands made from paper flowers, dots, and collected paper objects. 

The entire store will be given over to celebrate a time of the year which brings people and cultures together.

A sense of fiesta will be created through a visual display of handmade decorations. This visual display will also support and celebrate the core values of the gallery, a celebration of creativity and innovation.

One of the special things about this project for me is that it has involved all the staff as well as a couple of my friends, in hand making all the decorations. I have sat together with these very beautiful people and made each decoration from scratch. Yuko Fujita has also made some white origami birds for me to include in the decorations.
So it really has been a group effort.
I think that one of the most important things about this time of the year is that people come together to celebrate. I wanted the decorations to follow this train of thought. They are very simple, in material as well as design, but all are threaded together on the same white string.

My house has been given over to making and storing the decorations. Any hooks and door handles all have things hanging off them.

A festival is an event, usually and ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community.

The magical cycle of days is the title given to this project.

It will be installed this Sunday/ Monday at e.g.etal

more images to follow