Tuesday, November 23, 2010



more shots of the decorations, hanging in different rooms around the house
they are very hard to photograph,  and the light affects how they appear

the following shots are of the main decorations which I made ( with assistance from my friends Gemma and Stacey on 2 of the decorations)
the other decorations which form part of the installation were made by myself, in conjunction with the e.g.etal staff:
Emma, Steph, Belinda, Lilian, Tess and Olivia

the work was installed at e.g.etal by myself, Emma, Steph and my friend Jacqui

I will show shots of the installation tomorrow

two banners, this image was taken with the flash on

the paper birds hanging inside this decoration were made by Yuko Fujita

this decoration is like an explosion of colour and textures and is quite long