Monday, February 21, 2011

To Hold


18 ct yellow gold, To Hold ring, set with 0.50ct diamond

This new ring design is based on my Pledge rings, which I have been making for more than 5 years now.
The difference with this ring is that I have dropped the height of the setting and made the band thicker.

There is a tradition of diamond rings which I am negotiating with my gold range.
The history of diamonds and gold is a long and often fraught one.
My interest in gold and diamonds comes from a material angle in that both are very beautiful materials. Gold has a lustre and beauty that reveals itself through working with it. It's inherent qualities determine it's use for objects/jewellery that is of significance.
Diamonds, of all of the precious stones, is the hardest mineral, 10/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. For longevity is the most hard wearing stone. As a result, diamonds have great symbolic value.

To Hold ring is about bringing these two materials together in a very simple way.
The bowl holds the diamond securely. The stone is completely surrounded by raised grains, a decorative as well as technical detail. It is a very practical and hard wearing ring that is designed to last. The ring shape is deliberately organic and not perfect, as life is also like that. With wear any piece of jewellery takes on the marks left through wear. This ring starts with a 'history' of wear across it's surface and form.

hold 1. to have or keep in the hand: keep fast; grasp. 2. to reserve; retain; set aside. 3. to bear, sustain, or support with the hand, arms, etc., or by any means...

my friend Anna, holding Mr Chocolate

this ring is at e.g.etal