Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monkey Bar

My friends Pauline and Leanne have a great bar in North Fitzroy called Monkey.

It is one of my favourite places and has excellent beer and wine, also the bar food is all made by Pauline and Leanne.
And on top of everything else they also play fantastic music. It is a warm friendly place to be.

On Monday I installed a paper installation behind the bar.

After discussing a number of concepts with Pauline and Leanne, this simple piece was decided upon. It is based on the light shade that I made for my living room.
What I love about working with paper is that it can be both opaque and transparent depending on the light source. These pieces look different at all times of the day and night because of this.
Because the paper is threaded on string it has the potential to move. So light and movement create different experiences of the one piece.
Some of the wallpaper that lines the wall behind the bar was also cut up and put in the piece, as well as a collection of different papers.
Pauline and Leanne, as well as my dear friend Gemma, helped with cutting out the circles ( everything was cut by hand).

with the flash on


181 St Georges Road Fitzroy North, VIC
03 9489 5764