Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anna Clynes jewellery


Anna Clynes is one of my favourite jewellers.
Her work is sold at Pieces of Eight. Her artist statement on the gallery's website states:

The things I make stem from years of collecting, writing and drawing. From camping and walking in enormous and quiet places, from reading and researching, from living in the country and tending to animals, birds and people…

these pieces are from my own jewellery collection

my favourite pair of earrings

Toucan brooch, I commissioned Anna to make for me

my new favourite pair of earrings

aside from our jewellery connections ( we met at RMIT many years ago) Anna and I share a love of similar things and she has taught me a lot about nature and animals. I have met very many nice goats, wallabies, kangaroos, wombats and birds through Anna. I also have had some of them stay at my house.
and we have been to the sea many times always taking Milly the dog with us.
So I wear Anna's jewellery almost every day, so even when I don't see her she is always with me.

 work in progress

Anna and Frida