Monday, June 13, 2011

Australian Chair Survey


The Australian Chair Survey opens this week at the Gallery of Australian Design in Canberra.

The exhibition runs from 15 June until 23 July 2011.

This exhibition is a national survey of contemporary chair design and is curated by Ramona Barry.

The website states:

How do Australian designers respond to material, form and function?
How does their sense of place informs their design: isolation or
independence? A survey show that covers all corners of the country and all
forms of design discipline, from the hand crafted to the mass produced.

and :

Designing a chair can feel like reinventing the wheel. An object so weighted down by it’s own iconography poses perhaps the greatest design challenge for a furniture designer. Is it possible to create a new classic? Can a chair be particularly Australian? What does that mean anyway?
Ramona Barry Monument Magazine Issue 96

Featured in this exhibition are:

Darcy Clarke, Michael Conole, Simon Alexander Cook, Tait Design, Ross Didier, Jon Goulder, Chris Hardy, Andrew Thorton Hick, Nicola Macklin, Betul Madakbas, Laura McCusker, Rock Martin, Paul Morris, Meagan Oglesby, Justin Vecchio, Christina Waterson, Charles Wilson and Simon Zablotsky.

This is an important exhibition curated by an excellent and important curator.
An exhibition not to be missed.