Tuesday, June 28, 2011

professional practice


 Craft Victoria is now offering Public and Products Liability Insurance as part of their new Accredited Membership package.

The Craft Victoria website states that:

In short, this new package is designed to cover artists/practitioners who work in a studio, exhibit in galleries and sell their goods at markets.

...Our package is designed to cover accredited 'contemporary craft' visual artists/practitioners. Mediums covered include ceramics, glass, jewellery, furniture, textile work including felting, metal, wood, photographs, sculptures and other materials.

This is an important part of a professional practice and it is reassuring that Craft Victoria is now offering this to members.
It is sometimes hard finding out the right and necessary information concerning insurance especially as a maker. Most makers run every part of their business, and often business strategy is not a big part of training/education, so it can feel like you are fumbling in the dark around issues like these. Or it has felt like that to me.
Now there is some light at the end of the tunnel!
Light and support.