Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I think amulets are one of the most interesting aspects of jewellery

they are often more a private transaction between the wearer and the object; more about intention than appearance

Sterling silver, shell and bone, c.1750 - 1800, Bavaria

fossilised coral c.1800 Bavaria

coral, Egyptian c. 1800 - 1850

amulet case,copper, sterling silver, 19th century, Egypt

leather, early 20th Century Nigeria

engraved copper, Iran

fragments, textile

This bundle of textile fragments including dark blue felt, plain weave green silk, plain weave green unidentified fibre, plain weavebuff silk, various pieces of threads and string, and a bird's claw, all tiedtogether with a piece of red string. They were recovered from the site of Niya,which dates from the 2rd to the 3rd century AD

the above images all from Victoria & Albert Museum

Lapis lazuli c. 2600 B.C.

Etruscan necklace 6th - 5th Century B.C.

Egyptian gold pendant c.1985 - 1785 B.C.

the above images from the British Museum