Thursday, July 21, 2011

a bit of a story


I have been wearing a pair of earrings that I have made as a prototype for work that I want to put in my online shop.
I often do this with new work, to see how a work feels to be worn.
The other day I saw Nella Themelios from Craft Victoria and she mentioned that the earrings reminded her of images from a book that she really likes.
The book that she referred to is Ndebele, photographs by Margaret Courtney-Clarke, 1986,
and the crazy thing is that I have this book, and have had it for more that 15 years and I don't think that I had looked at it for about 8 years, as I had stopped seeing it in my bookcase. Our conversation led me back to it. Anyway, I remembered that I loved this book, and was really influenced by it at the time.

Many years ago I was given a ceremonial apron from the Ndebele tribe, it is one of my most treasured possessions , and it hangs in my living room and I look at it every day. So even though I hadn't looked at the book for many years, maybe these geometric patterns have been quietly influencing me without me realizing it.

So this round about story has led me to the realization that I can not open my on line shop until September, as this has been a crazy busy year for me so far and now I am faced with the fact that my exhibition at Craft Victoria opens in a month and that this work must now take priority.

So will be closed during August, but Katherine Bowman at e.g.etal and Studio Ingot will be open as usual.

In September, new work will be available at and jewellery will be my focus for the rest of the year ( as well as some other things)