Friday, September 16, 2011

untitled (amulet box)

untitled ( amulet box)
copper, sterling silver, fine silver, enamel paint, stainless steel wire, amethyst, moonstone, turquoise, tourmaline, opal, citrine, garnet

This is the first box in the Locution ( the loved object) series.

box n. 1. a case or receptacle with a lid… a small shelter

“ the past... has it’s spaces, it’s paths, it’s nameplaces, and it’s monuments…” 
 Merleau Ponty

cante ( song) – the cante expresses a collective feeling through an individual

it is what you do with the materials that makes it precious

‘ Like the sliver of bone that becomes a holy relic; so the objects are transformed by the presence of the believer, by the one who writes their stories: they become the vehicles for our dreams, the mediums of our memories.

Antonia Payne (Avoided Object)

all photos by Andrew Barcham