Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Caravel ring

 9ct white gold Caravel ring set with an oval chrome tourmaline and two Ceylon sapphires

image of a caravel

 A caravel is a small, highly maneuverable sailing ship developed in the 15th century by the Portuguese to explore along the West African coast and into the Atlantic Ocean. The lateen sails gave her speed and the capacity for sailing to windward (beating). Caravels were much used by the Portuguese for the oceanic exploration voyages during the 15th and 16th centuries in the age of discovery.

text from here

When I think of the ocean, I always think of blue and green, as the sea can be many colours at once depending on the light, amongst other things.
Like the sails of a boat, the 'squares' holding the stones are at slightly different angles, as if the wind had moved them towards a new direction. !

the initial sketches for this ring

some different colour possibilities

glitter = diamonds

this ring will be delivered to e.g.etal today