Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nomad ring with sapphires and diamonds

18ct yellow gold Nomad ring set with Ceylon sapphires and white diamonds

I designed this ring as a newer version of my Random rings.
The very first Random ring that I made was 18ct yellow gold set with blue sapphires and white diamonds. This is why this Nomad ring is set with these stones.
This new ring is 'rougher' that than the original Random ring, as I wanted it to look like it was old and had possibly collected the stones through time and different journeys.
This is also why the blue sapphires are all different hues. Not matching things also helps you to see each individual element.
The ring at the moment has a matt finish on it, but with wear, parts will burnish up and give it even more texture and character.

The centre, largest stone is a beautiful blue, hard to capture in a photograph ( in different lights the blue photographs differently - excuse my fingers and dirty nails, I wanted to try and get a better photo of the blue )

This ring is at e.g.etal.