Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Limited edition prints for Northcity4


On March 2 we,(Anna Davern, Ali Limb, Caz Guiney and Romani Benjamin) are launching Northcity4.
This is a momentous occasion for us as we have been working on this project for more than a year.
So far everything we have done with the set up for Northcity4 has been self funded.
So, even though the night is about celebrating the space and what Northcity4 is, we are also hoping to raise funds for Northcity4.
We need to raise money for many things, such as plumbing, tools, equipment, in fact most things needed for the space!
I have made 2 limited edition prints which will be on sale on March 2.
Ali Limb has made a beautiful series of small pendants and Caz Guiney has produced an excellent series of badges.

Here are some pictures of the start of my process for making the prints.
I will post images of the finished prints soon and you can read more about the launch and our fundraising efforts at our blog at Northcity4.

It took me a while to find the images for what I wanted to do for this series of linocuts.
I have been exploring the motif of 'boxes' for a while and continued this with this print series.

I also have been exploring how different cultures manifest their belief systems in textile work.
I have been greatly influenced by early English embroideries, most especially from the 15th Century depicting scenes of the garden of Eden. 
So these 2 themes are explored in the 2 prints that I have made for Northcity4.
I will explain further in another post.

warning the next picture is not nice!
my poor old hands have not had a break for many months now, and are not looking the best, which is why I do not photograph rings on my hands.
After cutting out these linocuts, I lost the sensation in the tips of 2 fingers on my right hand!
Ay ca-rumba! I thought for 5 mins I was having a stroke as they kept tingling, but then realised it was from holding the tools for long periods of time. They are back to normal now.

The limited edition hand coloured prints will be available for sale on March 2, from 6-8pm at the Northcity4 launch.
read more about our activities at