Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 Lucky, Signet and Wonky Wedder rings

The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article on secret details in jewellery.
I was interviewed for this article along with Cinnamon Lee, David Parker and Gianna Rosa. This was very special for me as I had made Gianna's engagement ring and she is very special. and so is e.g.etal.
You can read the article here

and here is the section on my work from the article:

Jewellery, by its nature, is decorative - but it can also be something more. Katherine Bowman, who made Rosa's engagement ring, is one of a number of contemporary jewellers who hide secrets in their designs. From subtle engraving to precious but invisible stones, Bowman says these details hint at a symbolic, rather than monetary, value.
''Jewellery often involves a lot of personal stories,'' she says. ''There is a private relationship between the wearer and the piece. You might wear a piece because someone you love gave it to you. Or you might wear it because you bought it to mark a significant event.''

Bowman's rings often have stones set underneath the band. There is something intimate, she says, about a ruby snuggled, unseen, against the skin. ''I'm creating something which is not just about having an expensive ring; it's about the concept of preciousness and human connection.''
For Bowman, the subtle details are emblematic of her philosophies and working methods. Early in her career, she chose to avoid mass production and mechanised techniques. The hidden stones and engravings are a personal touch. Like the uneven surfaces and organic shapes of her work, they show each piece is unique.

from SMH

 Random and Thin Random rings

all these images of my work were taken by e.g.etal