Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tenancy at Northcity4

Applications now open

Studio space
Northcity4 offers a limited number of long term studio tenancies for contemporary jewellers and small object makers. If you are interested in joining a vibrant community of makers who care about the earth and working in a healthy professional environment visit our website to find out more about us, and the tenancy application process.

Project space
Within the NC4 studio space there are 4 short term workbenches with lockable drawers. This provides a great opportunity for makers/artists working on a specific project such as a grant outcome; postgraduate study, recent graduates, mentorship, internship or artist in residence (interstate or international) for a maximum of six months.

Access space
At NC4 we also offer access space for jewellers and small object makers looking to rent space on a half day, daily and weekly basis for up to one month at a time.

If any of these options look like they might be right for you contact NC4 at or email Romani at