Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kate Gorringe-Smith and NC4 prints

I printed these linocuts with the assistance of Kate Gorringe-Smith, a Melbourne based printmaker and friend.
Her work is available through Port Jackson Press in Smith St.
Kate was such a great help to me doing these prints.
It has been a number of years since I last did a linocut, so I not only needed technical help, I also needed access to a press! And Kate provided me with both.
I would love to do more printmaking, I like that it is tool based like gold and silversmithing, and that you have to go through a number of processes to get to the finished piece and that every print is slightly different as it is hand printed.

These two prints are about a celebration of hand skills in a contemporary context.

This detailed linocut I printed first.
It is the detail which is on the box which is the other linocut.
Everything about this linocut took a long time, which was why it was printed first.

When Kate left me in her studio to keep printing I was left with my trusty assistant.
The job she had was to try and look like a cat, something she does very well.

The second linocut.

This is actually the first, as I see the two as a pair. The box image, then the detail of the box.

Thank you Kate!