Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love Letters

I find these words by David Neale inspiring, hoping quietly that these sentiments can also be found in pieces that I make.

A good question for the goldsmith is: 
What does jewellery do?

It is very often sent as gift to say "I love you"- like a three-dimensional love letter.

So the next question for the goldsmith is one of design;

How can I make jewellery that is ready for this mission?

True, this will come down to typical decisions about materials and shapes and ergonomics, but in this quest the goldsmith must seek, above all, to imbue the attributes of generosity and dignity, eloquence and concision- and perhaps most elusively; some sort of draught; a capacity to carry love's message, without forgetting it, without talking over the top of it, not crushing it- but holding and delivering it at the same time- for as long as possible.

David Neale 2012

from Pieces of Eight