Monday, August 13, 2012

Trousseau ring

18ct white gold Trousseau ring set with white and champagne diamonds and blue, green and pink sapphires.

trousseau n.,pl. a bride's outfit of clothes, linen etc., which she brings with her at marriage.

This term is old fashioned now.
What I like about it is the idea that you collect things that are important to you, and place them in the one spot.
So that the selection and care taken over this makes the items precious to the individual. This is the way I understand this term (meaning, my definition of the word!) and why this ring holds this name.
The previous Trousseau ring that I made was set with champagne diamonds. This ring has now sold, so I went searching for a new trousseau of stones. And this was my selection.

This ring is at e.g.etal