7 collections in one collection

a found thing (the consolation of consolations) is made up of 7 collections, 52 individual pieces in total. The largest collection of jewellery that I have made at one time.
This exhibition is the only time that these 52 pieces will be viewed all together, in the way that I originally intended them to be seen.

The seven collections are:

1. Hero
This series is made up of five sterling silver pendants.

2. Cante
There are seven pairs of earrings in this body of work.

3. Interiors
There are four pendants in this collection.

4. Journey Keepsake Protection
29 rings make up this collection.

5. Nomad
Three pendants form this collection.

6. The consolation of consolations 
Is one sterling silver necklace.

7. After
Three pendants form this collection:
1. After Lhasa 
2. After Anita Cummins

3. After butterfly wings

a found thing (the consolation of consolations) is on until Saturday 29 September 2012 at e.g.etal.

All photos by Andrew Barcham.