Sunday, September 16, 2012

A found thing ( the consolation of consolations)

a found thing (the consolation of consolations)
Opens tomorrow!  

I have made a collection of jewellery pieces.
This collection was conceived as a private collection gathered together by one individual, from different places at different times.
So the collection itself is disparate in form. Colour, texture and material are the keys to the interest of the collector, and are reasons for the inclusion in the collection.
There are 7 individual collections within this one collection, 52 individual pieces in total.
The title for each of these groups are:
Journey Keepsake Protection
The consolation of consolations

I hope that you will be able to visit the exhibition, I am very proud of it.

a found thing (the consolation of consolations)
September 17 – 29 September 2012

Opening: Thursday 20 September, 6pm – 8pm
To be opened by Ramona Barry.

 e.g.etal, 167 downstairs Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000