Friday, September 14, 2012

Artist statement 2012

Maybe these pieces are just isolated thoughts that somehow found material form. These thoughts are worn and read and have travelled and because of this they are very simple in form.  Experience has worn off the unnecessary detail, and what remains is just a testament to the experiences that formed them.
I have collected my thoughts in this body of work. Often the true intention is obscure, not overly stated. Often time and experiencing the whole may lead to some sort of revelation. Or not. They are just found things assembled together. Driven by a passion for objects and things and cultures and people and belief systems. Votives whose meaning is written by the wearer. These are my found things. My consolation of consolations.
I have learnt many things in the making of this work. What I have learnt most is that I have a deep love of making things. And that love keeps pushing me forward to greater understanding of objects and things and most of all, people.

a found thing (the consolation of consolations) 
Katherine Bowman 2012