Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Northcity4 and me

Northcity4 has just updated their Facebook cover with a series of drawings that I originally did for our jewellery classes.

Northcity4 is made up of 5 individuals: Anna Davern, Ali Limb, Caz Guiney, Romani Benjamin and myself.
We all have different roles within the organisation. Sometimes we move between these different roles, sometimes we create new ones.
Caz and I work on education and cultural programming, Ali deals with sustainability, as well as other projects, Romani works with tenancy and legal issues and Anna is all things to do with the website (as well as Blog and Facebook), this includes design. We are all really proud of the visual identity that Anna has created for Northcity4.
We are still working on what education will mean for Northcity4.
When we started our jewellery classes at the beginning of the year, we decided to use drawn images instead of photos as a point of difference with this new program. The simple graphic quality of the text and bold colours sits well with the hand drawn images.
Here are some more examples:

Please visit our website to admire more of Anna Davern's excellent design work, as well as our upcoming programmes and make sure you join the mailing list while you are there.

This is a Katherine Bowman sponsored ad for Northcity4