Monday, June 17, 2013

Large Pledge ring with parti sapphire

Large Pledge ring in platinum, set with an Australian parti sapphire.

I recently have made a number of rings in platinum.
It is never my first choice in metal, I prefer the steely grey tone of 18ct white gold. Saying that, I am starting to understand the attraction of platinum, it's colour and properties are distinctly it's own.
This ring was an order through e.g.etal, for a client overseas.
The sapphire was from my own collection of stones, I particularly loved this stone, as it is blue with flashes of green, and constantly changes according to the light.

Large Pledge ring with 18ct yellow gold Wonky wedder set with diamonds.

I love parti sapphires because they remind me of water; the sea, rock pools, blue that constantly changes according to light and motion.
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