Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Large Pledge ring

18ct yellow gold Large Pledge ring set with an old cut diamond.

This ring was an order from e.g.etal, using a client's diamond.
My intention with this ring design was always to attempt to create a setting that highlighted not only the stone that it carried but also drew attention to the metal itself. Sometimes rings disappear when the stone is large. I am interested in the metal as much as what is held. This simple organic design is the result of this thought process, and my attempt to work with the two different materials.
When I think of adding details to a design I always ask myself if it will add to the piece in 10 years time or if it is just a fashionable detail that is current when the piece was being made. So, as a result, some of my pieces are getting simpler and simpler, and I am more concerned with honouring the materials than fashion.

pledge n. 1. a solemn promise of something, or to do or refrain from doing something. 2. anything given or regarded as a security of something...